Damage to reduction gearbox of seagoing tanker

During a routine check of the reduction gearbox of a seagoing tanker, damage to the gearing is discovered. The ship is equipped with a MaK main engine that drives the adjustable propeller via a ZF gearbox. 

We are appointed by the tanker’s Hull & Machinery insurers. Some teeth of the pinion wheel have broken out and the complete box has to be disassembled. Due to the long repair time, we are also appointed by Loss of Hire insurers in order to shorten the repair time as much as possible. To this end, in consultation with the shipping company, the shipyard and the Classification Society, it is decided to have a new pinion shaft produced by a local machine shop in order to avoid the long delivery time of this part by the manufacturer. 

During our investigation into the cause of the damage, many traces are found that indicate a previous serious stagnation of the propeller shaft. Among other things, the gearbox appears to have been detached from the foundation.  

Such an assignment is handled very regularly by Verschoor & Bras in sea and inland shipping.