Certification FSQS-NL

To meet the compliance requirements of one of Netherlands’ major co-insurers, the V+B Group has successfully been certified according to the FSQS-NL standard by Hellios Information B.V.

We are very pleased that the FSQS-NL certificate was awarded to us on January 28, 2022.

FSQS-NL (Financial Services Qualification System-Netherlands) is a community of financial institutions, including banks and insurance companies, working together to agree on a single standard for managing the increasing complexity of third-party and fourth-party information needed to demonstrate compliance to regulators, policy, and governance controls.

Fundamental to supplier qualification and compliance approach, FSQS-NL simplifies the process – meaning companies can submit and maintain the information clients need through a single online system shared by financial services organizations using FSQS-NL, such as ABN AMRO, Nationale-Nederlanden, etc. If FSQS-NL services are provided to different organizations in the financial services sector, the supplier only needs to provide the data once.