Privacy policy V+B Group 

The processing of personal data is necessary for companies within V+B Group to be able to work. Data from employees, suppliers, customers and contractors are stored and used for payments, the payroll administration and the checking of the qualifications of employees. Some of these data have a legal obligation to collect them. For all personal data, there is a legal obligation to treat it with respect and in a lawful manner. 

 In line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), V+B Group’s privacy policy prescribes a number of principles. Only data that: 

  • Have a concrete goal (purpose limitation). 
  • Necessary for this purpose (minimum data collection). 
  • Be correct or adjusted for this purpose (correctness). 

 This data will be:

  • Not kept longer than necessary for the purpose for which they were collected (storage restriction). 
  • Secured in a suitable manner by a combination of technical and organizational measures (integrity and confidentiality). 

If personal data must be shared with a third party such as an accountant or IT supplier, V+B Group enters into a processing agreement with this party. For such an agreement the same principles apply as those V+B Group itself uses. Where special personal data are concerned (e.g. a BSN number or passport photo) these will be appropriately protected. 

When processing data, the data subjects (employees, customers, etc.) are informed about the purposes and about their rights in a transparent and understandable manner. For instance, data subjects have the right to access their data, the period during which they will be retained, the deletion of their data and the submission of a complaint to the supervisory authority ( 

Every year, V+B Group evaluates how effectively the privacy policy is implemented. In doing so, it is checked whether the purposes for which personal data are processed can also be achieved in another way, with less data, or with data that are less privacy-sensitive. In addition, retention periods of stored personal data are assessed and it is determined whether the goals and processing grounds are still correct. 

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