Verschoor & Bras is a survey agency active in the field of shipping techniques, mechanics and everything you could amass under the term ‘maritime technology’. We deal with damage to hull and machinery, we execute surveys and inspections, and supply advice on all kinds of ship-related matters covering coastal and deepsea shipping, inland shipping, yachts, dredging material, technical installations, and water-related equipment and fixtures such as cranes, quays, bridges and locks.

Damage assessment

  • Damage to hull and machinery of coastal and deepsea vessels, inland shipping, yachts, dredging material, on-shore and contracting materials, technical installations, machinery and cranes.
  • Damage to water-related equipment and fixtures such as harbour quays, locks and bridges.

In the case of damage, we are commissioned by underwriters, via assurance brokers, Lloyd’s agents or directly by shipowners or managers, to assess the damage, determine repair costs, establish the cause of the damage, and formulate preliminary and final reports. In deepsea cases, we are also often asked to deal with loss of hire claims.

Surveys and inspections

  • Hull and safety inspections of inland shipping, for extending the validity of the official certificate for inland vessels and/or certificate for dangerous cargos.
  • The performance of ultrasonic thickness measurement upon hulls in connection with the above-mentioned inspections.

We have experts at our disposal who are members of the NBKB (Nederlands Bureau Keuringen Binnenvaart – Netherlands Office for Inspection of Inland Shipping). NBKB is mandated to conduct certification inspections for inland waterway vessels on behalf of the Dutch government. We are specialized in the inspection of bunker stations and bunker/bilge vessels that are not otherwise classified.


Commissioned by insurers, banks and shipowners, we regularly carry out valuations aboard inland and deepsea vessels. In this sector we use only experts who are registered with the VRT (Verenigd Register van Taxateurs).

P & I matters

In cases of calamity, such as an oil spill aboard a ship where the surface water, shores, quaysides or other coastal features become polluted, the local P&I correspondent will call in our assistance. In such a situation, we perform the necessary inspections in consultation with the local authorities and we estimate the costs of cleaning up. It will be self-evident that we also investigate the cause of the calamity.

Nautical affairs

Our office employs experts with a nautical education and work experience. They have at their disposal the appropriate training and experience to investigate any nautical conflicts if required. This may involve collisions, groundings and salvage and suchlike, where an appeal can be made to their expertise.


In cases of disagreement between parties, Verschoor & Bras is occasionally appointed by the parties, the lawyers concerned, or by the court of law where the case is being dealt with, to act as a witness-expert or arbitrator to issue (binding) advice.[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle] Recovery[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]During damage procedures, we gather the necessary information and pieces of evidence, if required, in order to enable commissioning agents to initiate recovery against potentially liable parties.


  • SPO (Schade Preventie Onderzoek)/ Damage Prevention Research DPR  Commissioned by insurers and P & I clubs, we perform inspections aboard inland, coastal and deepsea vessels with the aim of reducing the risk of damage. For this purpose, the Dutch Corporate Insurers (Nederlandse beursverzekeraars) commissioned the IVR (Internationale Vereniging Rijnschepenregister – International Association of the Rhine Vessels’ Register) to set up the SPO (Damage Prevention Research). Inspections are carried out on board of inland shipping vessels, based on a standard procedure. We have experts who are certified for this purpose.
  • Condition surveys We inspect deepsea and inland shipping vessels regularly, a process in which the state of the vessel is recorded according to a standard format. We perform these surveys on assignment from insurers, P&I clubs, ship mortgage banks, shipowners and managers.
  • On and off-hire surveys On assignment from shipowners or time charterers, we regularly perform so-called on and off hire inspections, in which the current state of, and damage to, a ship is recorded.
  • Project supervision and construction monitoring In the past few years, shipowners have hired us on several occasions to supervise the progress being made in the construction of a new ship and the quality of the realization, and to provide technical advice.