Complaints procedure V+B Group

Complaints arising from an assessment / inspection carried out by a surveyor of the V+B Group during the handling of a file may be submitted to the management of the V+B Group.
A complaint may only be submitted in writing to;

V+B Group, attn: management
Burg. Hazenberglaan 403
3078 HG Rotterdam
or by email to;

When submitting a complaint, at least the following information must be included:

– Owner’s details
– Object name
– Email address and/or telephone number
– The most detailed possible description of the complaint

The complaint must be clearly described and all relevant facts must be clear. Any possible attachments should only serve to substantiate the complaint.

The management will first assess whether there is a complaint whereby the V+B Group or one of its surveyors acts or has acted in conflict with the rules of conduct and/or statutes/regulations of our sector organisation Nivre. If this is the case, the management will immediately inform the Nivre.

The management of the V+B Group shall send you a confirmation of receipt within one (1) working day, and shall consider the complaint and respond to the substance of the complaint within at least five (5) working days.

The V+B Group shall adhere to the complaints procedure of the Nivre, which sector organisation has a Disciplinary Rules and Regulations in which all details of the complaints procedure are described in detail.

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